Top Sales Professionals lead, are proud, attentive, and they act it out.

They perform with a specialized skill and active energy.

Even when they walk into a situation, of which they are not well prepared, a situation where perhaps they lack skill and experience, they act like they are ready for the part anyway.

Here is the key, they have no problem with saying “I don’t know.”

As Tom Hopkins says in his book How to Master the Art of Selling, “when anyone asks how are you doing just state “Unbelievable.”

Because Peak Performers act successful, you can spot them in a crowd.

  1. They make it a habit to show a positive attitude.
  2. Peak Performers smile a lot.
  3. They have straight tall posture, and are always extending a helpful hand.
  4. They openly greet people.
  5. They look organized.
  6. They wear the neatest, sharpest clothes.
  7. They act by investing in the spoils of success for themselves and others.
  8. When they speak, they speak of high goals.
  9. They don’t gossip.
  10. They discuss ideas and concepts.
  11. They speak proudly and sincerely from a face that is always friendly and open.
  12. One can even watch them tune up to their audience.
  13. They will adapt to different situations, depending on the people around them.

Why do they perform this way?

  • Because it makes them feel good, and it makes others feel good too.
  • It feels good to smile and even better when people smile back.
  • It feels good to live comfortable, and know that others wish to emulate your example.
  • It feels good to see smiles on the faces of their family.
  • Peak Performing Sales Professionals know that in order to act successful, they must perform and get results.
  • In order to play a part, as in the part of being successful, they have to research the character.
  • If you wish to be successful, you have to make the character you.

The result, you become successful.

Every actor on a stage has to research, learn, apply and practice acting out all the traits of his/her character, in order to become that character.

In the same vein, the Peak Performing Sales Professional, or the person who he or she wishes to become, researches, learns, applies and practices the techniques of other Peak Performers.

Action Items:

  1. Always be the best dressed and groomed person in the room. The clothes do not have to be expensive but need to fit you well.
  2. Research what other successful people do and work hard to emulate them.
  3. Be happy, smile and make others laugh
  4. Think, imagine, vision and act successful.




Sales Pride – Reach Your Potential

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