I’m an entrepreneur financial coach who gives my clients access to the proven tax ideas and private investments of the wealthy.”

I’m Victor Arocho – a serial entrepreneur, a devout family man, and a financial strategist driven by an unstoppable urge to empower entrepreneurs across America.

Our Origin Story

In 2008, armed with a vision and unwavering determination, Victor Arocho embarked on a formidable journey in the financial realm. With over three decades of expertise in insurance, he fuelled his entrepreneurial spirit with a significant $16 million in private investment to launch a property and casualty insurance firm. A testament to his leadership and innovative approach, the company soared, amassing over $40 million in sales within a mere four years.


Yet for Victor, success has never been solely about the revenues; it’s about fulfilling aspirations. His true vocation called to him – a commitment to guiding others towards their fiscal aspirations. Immersing himself in the mastery of financial methodologies reserved for the affluent, Victor found his purpose: elevating the financial intelligence of the nation’s innovators and dreamers.


Today, Victor Arocho stands as more than just a Financial Strategist; he is a mentor dedicated to sculpting the financial acumen of America’s entrepreneurs, offering them a gateway to strategies once known only to the wealthy elite.
Victor’s academic foundations are as robust as his professional accolades. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with a side of football excellence during his All-Star selections in the mid-80s from Upsala College.


A New York native with roots steeped in New Jersey’s soil, Victor’s heart now warms under South Florida’s sun, celebrating 26 years of marriage and cherishing every moment with his two grown children.

Victor Arocho VALUES

  • Learn and grow – always advancing your mind and advancing yourself and others.
  • You should have and be a mentor.
  • Have fun – Love what you do. Make someone laugh
  • Family – Family comes first. What happens inside the business family stays inside the business family.
  • Chivalry – Having manners, be a gentleman, holding a door, etc.
  • Balance – Do the things you need to get done. Whether it is for the business or making time for the family, wife, kids, me, etc., it’s about results, not time.

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