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One of the primary reasons why business owners don't have maximized wealth is due to poor financial management. Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with a passion or idea, but lack the knowledge and skills to effectively manage finances. This results in inadequate capital allocation, overspending, and debt accumulation. Many business owners do not consider diversifying their income streams by exploring other investments or passive income opportunities outside of their business.

The Power of Leveraging Cash Flow

When your cash flow is maximized, entrepreneurs can overcome common financial management challenges that previously hindered their business's growth and success. This empowers owners to think beyond their current ventures and explore other opportunities for income generation, leading to more diversified portfolios and increased wealth. This is where our MAX VA Process comes into play and has changed the lives of business owners and their children's children…

46% of small business owners say that taxes are their biggest challenges.

The MAX VA Process

A powerful process that enables business owners to achieve financial success, stability, and leave a lasting legacy for their families.

The Max VA Process is a crucial process for business owners aiming to ensure their family's financial future and create a lasting legacy. It involves establishing a generational vision, focusing on business health, and building assets for future generations. This strategic approach incorporates overfunded life insurance and careful financial planning to pass down not only financial stability but also values and principles.

Each of these 4 steps plays a key role in creating a well-rounded and balanced plan.

1 - Generational Vision

2 - Business Health

3 - Legacy Wealth

4 - Next Level Money

Step 1 - Generational Vision

  • A 12 minute Clarity call:
  • Create a clear vision for your business and personal goals
  • Discuss legacy and contingency goals
  • Agree on next steps
  • Step 2 - Business Health

  • Run Business Diagnostic and a Financial GPS
  • Look for Tax Credits Availability (how can we reduce your tax expenses)
  • Develop a Plan directed by the GPS
  • Step 3 - Legacy Wealth

  • What is your business worth and what is your true net cash flow
  • Life value qualification
  • Legacy Lock
  • Step 4 - Next Level Money

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Gravy Stack - Educating our children for financial success
  • Contractual Investments
  • The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence - it is to act with yesterday's logic.

    - Peter Drucker

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    Founder of The MAX VA Process

    Introducing Victor Arocho, a financial sage with three
    decades of executive management and insurance expertise.

    Victor Arocho earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Upsala College where he was also selected to the Mid-Atlantic Conference football All Star teams in 1985 & 1986. He is the Co-Host of the popular podcast “The Jersey Boys Sports Talk”

    As a member of the South Florida Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) he served on the Accelerator Mentorship Board where they mentor 36 of some of South Florida’s brightest young entrepreneurs.

    Victor Arocho has been married for 26 years and has 2 children ages 25 and 22. Born in New York raised in New Jersey, Victor now resides in South Florida.

    Our proven method has helped thousands of families get on track to financial freedom while building a legacy with real retirement savings.


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