Sales skills are Learned

Sales skills are practiced and learned

Skills are learned and can be further nurtured while talent is inborn. With great sales skills, it is possible to generate a good amount of revenue to your business. There are several sales skills that can be learned and practiced from motivating yourself to being confident. It is important to motivate yourself. Keep in mind, even the best salesperson is a work in progress and no woman or man is perfect. Practice, learn and love what you do. You can always discover  ways to develop your sales skills (read my blog). Work on qualifying, presentation skills and study more about the services and products you are selling. Work on improving yourself from within so that you get the confidence you need while meeting your clients.

Sales Skills – Qualifying your Clients and your prospective clients

  • What products or services are they using now? (from your competitors)
  • What do they like about the products or services they are  buying from your competition now?
  • What would they improve about the products or services they are  buying from your competition?
  • If they can create the ideal products and services they would buy, what would that look like?
  • If you are able to fill their needs, would they move forward today?

If they can not, you need to find the real objection before moving forward with you!

Great presentation skills  play an important role in developing sales skills.  A lengthy speech is always boring. Make sure your pitch is exciting. Make it more like story-telling and as lively as a one on one interaction. It is not necessary for your PowerPoint presentation to be flashy but remember the content should be short, understandable and simple (Steve Jobs loved images only). Grooming in an appropriate manner is simple, yet the easiest way that you can attract and sell your product or services.

To quote a famous saying “perfect practice makes a perfect presentation” yes, one can learn, practice and build self confidence. A person who speaks and carries himself confidently is always the head turner everywhere. Various studies state that a confident person is the icing of the cake to break the barriers between the customer and sales personnel. Maintaining self confidence will not only give you positive thinking but will also help you in achieving your goals in your professional life and work.

Building a strong relationship with a customer is one of the most valuable means to communicate. By communicating with a customer you can analyze what they  think, need and can predict the behavior of their lifestyle. Today, companies of all sizes implement their bit to communicate with their customers in different forms from the internet, to the magazine and to outdoor events. It is vital to have a good rapport with customers to increase sales.

There are times when markets are turbulent, always motivate yourself and your teams when your sales dip or mount. Remember tough times don’t last, but your sales skills and talent will.

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