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Sales Professionals Are Thoughtful How Their Actions Affect Others

Peak Performing Sales Professionals Give Above Average Service to Earn What They Want


Peak Performing Sales Professionals give ample quality, quantity and time (QQT) to their clients.

The value they deliver exceeds expectations.  Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles wrote an excellent book on this very subject which I highly recommend-it’s called “Raving Fans.”  They discuss in detail improved ways of giving great service and going the extra mile.

Let’s say a Peak performer providing service to a client who can afford $15 an hour, decides to do similar work for a client that can only afford $10 an hour. For which client do you think they will work harder for? If you picked the client paying $15 an hour, then you are not talking about a peak performing sales professional.

A peak performer conducts service with 110% of his/ her ability and effort for both clients.

When I was 25,  I worked as a bartender at the Gast Bar & Grill in Perth Amboy, NJ. “Quick Shout out to PA Jerz”. This establishment was owned by the Febles family.

I was paid $8.00 per hour plus tips, and my only work nights were on Thursday and Sunday.

During this same time I was also running the sales division for Steve Reuning, the CEO of Diedre Moire and co-author of this series.

I was doing quite well in sales, but I always wanted to bartend. I treated the bar as if I was making $100 dollars per hour.

Everything was kept clean, I treated all customers with respect and I would not let anyone mess around in the bar. To this day the Febles family and I are great friends. They even flew down to Miami for my wedding.

Peak performance Sales Professionals always give 110%. No matter what.

If a successful person sees a job where he can’t put in 110%, he doesn’t take the job.

A Peak Performance Sales Professional also needs to feel their solution can yield a 3 to 1 or ROI or they walk away.

Peak Performing Sales Professionals know that the excuses for not putting in 110% are petty and negative.

Petty people submit expense reports for a two-mile run on their car, which costs the company more to process than the 54 cents per mile the employee gets. Successful Sales Professionals just don’t get involved with petty things like this.

Peak Performing Sales Professionals know that many times when they follow the principle of giving 110%, there may be no immediate gain. Sometimes there is even a loss. They know there are a lot of people who will take advantage of their good nature and willingness to perform.

They know that the long-term gain will outweigh any of the short-term losses. They know that the long-term relationships will provide more than the short-term ones will take away.

Action Items:

  1. Only take on that which you can give 110% of your mind and efforts.
  2. Don’t be petty and don’t let other people’s pettiness bother you.
  3. Review your clients and look for ways to add more value to the products or services you provided to them.
  4. Read Raving Fans


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