Sales Motivation – Find your music

Sales Motivation – Find your music.

The most important tool in any sales person’s toolkit is your attitude (Sales Motivation).

What happens to you when you hear a song that just get’s you pumped and makes you feel you are on top of world? How about songs that bring you back in time when you were hanging out with your boys or girls? The music brings you back to times when you had no worries and life was good.

“Nothing Great has been accomplished with out inspiration.” Unknown.

In the world of digital music we have an mp3 player, Ipods and  Iphones.  Part of my sales motivation is finding songs that puts me in a phenomenal state of mind. You have to stay in as much good spirits as possible to have successful sales. For example if you work out (highly recommended) you will notice most people work out with an iPod.  If there’s anything that helps me get  back into the gym it is the iPod.  I first tried working out without any gadget as I did when I was younger. My mind began thinking about all the activities I needed to accomplish during the day. All the issues I had to address. The mores successful you are the more people rely on you. Thanks to my wife who bought me an ipod, my workouts are focused and energizing. I begin everyday with sale motivation and I am ready to take on the world.

Sales Motivation is about you anchoring yourself

Sales Motivations is about  you anchoring yourself into an awesome feeling of the deal and  that’s going to  lead you to keep driving to get what you want and more. For me music is about people sharing their lives. I like all kinds of music. Right now it’s hip hop, Biggie, Sean Combs,  snoop dog  but then I am a Jersey Boy I like rock and roll, Bon Jovi . In  some of the songs you are going to  hear some of these guys that had it really hard  and they are striving to be successful. Some are making a difference. In the words of  their songs consists sales motivation, everyone needs a purpose to drive them to success. Being good in sales and enjoying selling with music is something that gets me going. My point being is, find your music, that makes  you feel you are at your best. Mine happens to be when I am having a great time with my family and particularly with my wife. I’m on top of the world. That’s why I listen to different songs at different times. Just before a keynote speech or a major sales presentation, or addressing my board of directors.

Action item

Find songs to work out to and  songs to motivate you. Get them in different categories, keep yourself in a great state of mind. Make a point of searching through your music libraries and select specific songs that bring out the inner Rocky in you.

Sales Motivation Music for Entrepreneurs.
You see athletes today walking into stadiums with headphones on listening to music that gets them zoned in  to the game they about to play. You have the opportunity to do this everyday. Create your play list and name it sales motivation. Place old songs new songs any and everything that puts you on top of the world. Sometimes songs of struggle motivate me. They remind me where I came from and keeps me motivated to continue to reach for the stars and to help as many people as I can. When you make a killer presentation, when you begin a relationship with a big potential client, and when you close a big sale jam to some music. You want to try to (as Tony Robbins says) anchor the moment so you can put yourself back in that great state of mind.

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