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Sales management is the fundamental process of an organization aimed at increasing sales of the company. It helps an organization to achieve its sales targets. Sales management includes effective planning, budgeting, leadership and various other aspects related to the sales department.

Sales management simply refers to managing sales operations. It includes various processes like creating sales strategy, its implementation, and evaluation of methods. Initially, sales management was considered as a guide for the salespeople. However, in today’s modern world, it serves a much wider role than just guiding salespeople.

Sales management is used for increasing sale volume, contributing to higher profit figures and ensuring constant growth. The sales department is a crucial aspect of any organization. Sales directly determines the profit figures of the company. So, in order to maintain and strengthen the profit figures, it is very important to have an effective and appropriate sales management plan.

Along with increasing profits, sales management also helps an organization to have a better knowledge about the external market environment. Sales management provides greater access to information about clients, suppliers, competitors, employees and other people associated with the business environment.

Sales management proves extremely beneficial if an organization is continuously facing a decline in sales. Sales management helps an organization to adopt the effective sales plan and to try all possible ways to promote it’s sales. If an organization is facing a sales decline for a longer duration, it will surely face pressure to terminate the business sooner or later. However, if it maps out a proper sales management plan, it will surely lead to increased sales and can solve all sales-related problems.

Most of the organization only concentrates on increasing sales instead of working on sales management in its entirety. This may improve sales for the short term. However, if an organization wants to keep improving in sales, it has to consider sales management as a whole.

Sales management is an important activity for any organization, regardless of organization’s size and nature. Business expansion is not possible unless the sales volume is increased, and increasing sales volume is not possible without effective sales management. It helps to explore new business opportunities.

The primary function of sales management is to manage the sales force. It gives a clear vision to salespeople about what an organization expects from them. It sets company goals and objectives as far as the sales department is concerned. A proper sales plan helps salespeople to work  on their strategies.

Sales management also includes recruiting, training, motivating, and evaluating salespeople. The sales manager plays the important role of determining the performance of the sales team. He motivates team members to deliver as per the company’s expectations. He plans and organizes various tactics to meet the sales targets and helps team members to complete their individual sales goals.

Implementing a sales management plan is the simplest but most effective way to increase the sales of the organization. Many factors determine the effectiveness of a sales management plan. Effective salespeople, realistic goals and objectives, market environment and various other considerations influence the success rate of the sales management. However, the sales management must be flexible enough to adapt to the changing market situations.

Analysis, planning, organizing, direction, and control are the different key areas of sales management. Effective sale management helps to retain and strengthen the market share and increases sales volume, which will ultimately benefit the bottom line of an organization. It helps to explore various potential business territories and reduces unwanted sales expenses of the organization.

Sales management maintains customer relations, collects data about each and every aspect regarding sales operations, assists an organization by providing valuable feedback, and works as a revenue machine, which ensures more and more profitability for the organization. An appropriate and effective sales management is crucial to maintaining the long-term growth of an organization.

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