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Sales Games Know your Numbers

You need to treat sales as a game of life. You compete against other sales people and companies to win the business. Most importantly you compete against yourself to play the game of sales better. Sounds like golf, doesn’t it.  A uses most of it’s energy during take off, then once it reaches it’s desired altitude it lets off on the fuel. If the plane want to reach a higher altitude it applies more fuel. Of the plane want to lower it’s altitude it use less fuel. How much energy are you using to real the sales altitude you desire? If you have not gotten your sales off the ground yet? You better take massive action and stir up as much energy you can to have your sales take off.

How to win at Sales Games

  • Sales Games – Play with the number to Know your numbers!!!
  • You want to make $10,000 or more per month.
  • You are selling a product or service that you make a revenue/commission of a $100.
  • You divide your monthly revenue goal by a 100 =  make 100 sales
  • 100 sales divided by Closing rate 20% = 500 presentations.
  • 30% of the suspects you contact give you the opportunity to make a presentation.
  • 500 presentations needed divided by 30% = 1668 suspects you need to contact per month.
  • 1668 contacts needed divided by 22 working days = 76 contacts per day.
  • Contact to presentations ratio  20% divided into presentations needed 500 = 2500 / 22 =114 daily contacts
  • Sell your highest margin product or service
  • How many presentations are you making?
  • What is your contact to presentations ratio?
  • What is a contact or touch point? A phone call, an email (preferred if decision makers emails available}, marketing items, etc…
  • Use sales videos in your emails to present. ( Sales Videos to be discussed in another Blog)

Winning at Sales Games = Sales Planning

1. You need 1668 suspects to contact

2. Research and gather their contact infomation. Try to collect 3 months worth 5000

3. Enter into contact management system. ( I use ACT by Sage)

4. Plan your calls or email distribution foe each day for the next 3 months


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