Victor Arocho | Peak Performing Sales People Have Strong Desire and Commitments
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Peak Performing Sales People Have Strong Desire and Commitments

Strong desire and commitment are common in successful salespeople. Desire should not be confused with Commitment. You may be asking how can you have desire and not commitment.

Desires are found in everyone and everything that lives. Desires are the things people want and would love to have or be.

Kids have a desire to be a professional athlete, doctors, engineers, etc… People have desires to be Entrepreneurs, reach certain income levels or rise through the ranks of corporate America, etc….

Commitment is doing whatever it takes to obtain your desires. (Ethically & Professionally)

Desire and Commitment are something other than written goals, they come from deep inside our being.

Sean Combs used to work for Uptown Records while attending Howard University. It is a 4-hour drive into NYC but he would drive back and forth as needed.

The owner of Uptown Records asked Sean to go deliver something to someone who was several New York blocks down the street.

He came back very quickly and the owner was amazed at how quickly he got back and asked him how he did that. He said that he ran both ways. That’s an example of commitment.

After being fired from Uptown Records, Sean then went on to start Bad Boy Records and selling CDs out of the trunk of his car.

This shows that he would do anything it took to succeed. He was committed to reaching his desires. Sean (Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Puff), Combs now owns and runs a multi-million dollar empire.  

Another example of commitment is the story of the owner of Spanx, Sara  Blakely, a fellow Entrepreneur’s Organization member, who started off with her idea of Spanx, an under garment company.

She started the business with very little revenue. She would call accessories directors and buyers of major companies.

A lot of which were men.

She finally got a hold of a purchasing director, who happened to be a woman, who liked her idea and found it interesting but the only time the director had available to meet with her was that same day.

Susan immediately jumped on the plane and got to that meeting. Do you see her commitment there? The purchasing director heard her pitch but wasn’t convinced. She asked her at least try the Spanx on.

After trying on the product, she loved it and immediately placed an order.

Today, Spanx is a billion dollar company.

When first asked what kind of desires people have, many might respond that money is a major desire. Money is simply a means of trading for what we want.

Our commitment is what pushes us to spend the energy and time working towards achieving what we want. Pushing us to do the things that earn money is just one of the effects of commitment.

Commitments are manifested in the form of vitality and energy. They energize our emotions. They work at directing their efforts towards certain goals that represent our desires and commitments.

Peak Performing Sales Professionals realize that achievements are the result of their desires and commitments.

They know with persistence and consistency aided by desire and commitment, they will reach and exceed their sales targets and obtain their goals.

Are you committed?


Action Items:

  1. Write down what you desire to achieve
  2. You have to have the attitude to do (Ethically and Professionally) whatever it takes to obtain or reach your desires and be consistent.
  3. Have an accountability partner or accountability team

Greatness is Being World Class

Sell to greatness






Desire & Commitment – Reach Your Potential


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