How competitive are you?

Show your competitive spirit

You have to have the will to win which is manifested by your hatred to lose.

You can have 2 people with equal talent but the one with the most competitive spirit is going to be more successful and close more deals. Compete with yourself to see how you can keep raising the bar on every activity you do or sell you do. When you reach a new sales high for the month or close your biggest single deal focus on breaking that new high.

Enjoy the success of your teammates because you want to be part of the best sales unit in your industry. When you lose sales, your competitive spirit is going to force you to review what you needed to do to win. In sales we obviously have our losses but experiencing those losses is what makes the victories and the wins so sweet and awesome.

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson 199


Michael Jordan and Herschel Walker were both got cut from making their freshman High School sports teams. This defeat propelled them to be laser focused to prove that they were going to be the best they can be.  Herschel Walker went on to win the Heisman Trophy and become an NFL football player with several records and Michael Jordan, well, I only have to say his name and you know the rest of the story of his career.

Sales professionals have to have that competitive spirit where their and their team’s losses hit them all hard, but instead of dwelling on the loss they channel that pain to figure out, find the knowledge, dig deep to get the energy to win and be the best sales team.

Action items:

  1. Push yourself in every aspect to be the best sales professional in the world.
  2. Know and learn what it takes to be the best.
  3. Remember some activities you need to do is not always enjoyable or easy but this is what it takes to be the best.
  4. Read up on the people you  who are the best in their professional fields and see what their habits are. Then begin implementing these habits
  5. Take the teams losses or not reaching the targets set for the month and quarter to heart and push to win as a unit. Regardless if to reached your target.
  6. Have a strong completive spirit to win that becomes contagious to the entire team.


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