How To Hire Top Sales Talent … In 5 Hours


Building a Bench – Fill Vacancies and Replace Non-Performers


We implement a Sales Specific Hiring System to fill vacancies and replace Non-Performers in the Sales and Sales Leadership positions with people that not only can but WILL execute.

With over 1.7 million Sales leaders and Salespeople assessed and evaluated we put science behind the data. 92% of the people we have recommended and hired, end up in the top half of sales performers within 12 months.

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Start Doing Something and Stop Doing Something = Change

First, people don’t make changes in a day.  Our training will

incorporate a comprehensive blended learning program.

1. Sales Leadership Management Academy

The Sales Manager is chiefly responsible for the critical role of achieving sales and margin targets. Yet while many are good at doing this, alarming numbers of sales managers struggle, especially during tough economic times.

What skills must a sales manager possess in order to be a world class record beater?

Such competency is supported by four “pillars”. These are:

1. Self Awareness

2. Sales Leadership Capability

3. Sales Management Capability

4. Strategic Capability

This program will help sales managers develop all of these vital attributes with one goal in mind – to help you and your sales team increase sales. Written by top sales managers who have consistently turned sales around.

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A High Intensity Program

Professional Development for World Class Sales Leaders

  • Develop Your Sales Leadership Capability
  • Develop Your Sales Management Capability
  • Develop Your Strategic Capability
  • Consistently Increase Your Sales & Margins

Sales managers, senior salespeople being groomed for more responsibility, CEOs, Presidents, executives and managers who have to take up Acting Sales Manager roles or want to know what to expect to build a world class selling team.


The content is full of practical examples and best practice models designed around four crucial sales management competencies or “Four Pillars of Sales Management and Leadership”:

1) The Self Awareness Pillar

2) The Leadership Pillar

3) The Management Pillar

4) The Strategic Pillar

The Comprehensive and Well Researched Content Includes:

Pillar # 1 – The Importance of Self-Awareness

  • E.Q. & The Psycho Manager
  • The Sales Leader’s DNA & Hidden Weaknesses


Pillar # 2 – Leadership Capability

  • Manager or Leader – What’s the Difference?
  • The 4 Styles of Leadership & When to Use Them
  • The Critical Role of Coaching
  • The Importance of Delegation & Empowerment
  • The Leader Who Inspires a Vision
  • Developing a Culture of Winning
  • Understanding Motivation – What Drives Salespeople?
  • The Role of Sales Meetings
  • The Controversy of Competitions & Financial Incentives. What Works?


Pillar # 3 – Management Capability

  • How to Recruit Sales Stars
  • How to Set Sales Targets & Manage Your Pipeline
  • Crucial KPIs Every Sales Manager Must Measure
  • How to Hold Your Team Accountable for Results
  • Data Capture and Your CRM – What Intelligence You Need
  • Data Management- Using Data to Make Money


Pillar # 4 – Strategic Capability

  • The Need for Sales Process
  • Structure Your Team to Dominate the Market
  • Strategic Messaging – Your Positioning Statements, UVP, & MPV
  • Market Selection; Core Markets & Leverageable Verticals
  • How to Position Yourself to Gain Tendering Advantage
  • Competitor Intelligence

• Focus on Winnable Deals


By the conclusion of the program participants will have the tools necessary to:

  • Increase sales and margin consistently
  • Build positive productive teams and improve staff retention
  • Understand strategy and how to apply this to drive for optimum results

The program is supported by e-learning sessions to ensure important reminders can be accessed by participants

2. STAR Consultative Selling

Professional Development For World Class Salespeople

The Problem

Considerable research shows buyer behavior has changed. Yet many salespeople still cling to dated practices such as “benefits” based selling. This is an issue in the 21st century because most industries have matured. Your competitors offer very similar or even identical products as a result. “Benefits” based selling, therefore, offers little or zero differentiation. The result is a commoditized conversation with customers revolving around price. Additionally, the very latest research reveals that “relationship selling” is the least effective path to results since 2008. Does your sales team rely on this practice? What type of salesperson is the proven high performer in modern times?

Written by Experts

The program was designed by expert multi-million dollar salespeople who combine their experience with some of the greatest research projects in the history of sales. The results of evaluating over 1,800,000 salespeople give key insights into what kind of practices actually work in the modern economic climate.


All salespeople and sales managers wishing to understand what hard data reveals about top performers and the practices they employ to get results.


The program is built around extensive global research and the considerable experience of Potential Sales Group faculty. Evidence reveals that sales effectiveness is the result of both our mindset as well as skill-set. Topics include:

1) The 4 Crucial Attitudinal Elements For Success

2) The 5 Weaknesses That Hamper Effectiveness

3) A Study Of The Greatest Research Projects In The History Of Sales Revealing Best Practices

4) The Step By Step Consultative Sales Process

The Comprehensive And Well Researched Content Includes:


  • The 3 Greatest Research Projects In The History Of Selling

The Sales Mindset

  • DNA of Success – The 4 Crucial Elements
  • Hidden Weaknesses – The 5 Psychological Barriers To Sales Effectiveness

Consultative Selling Definition

  • Death Of A Sales Myth – Debunking Age Old Sales Techniques
  • Why People Buy – The Principle Of Pain And Gain
  • The STAR Consultative Process

How Consultants Open Meetings

  • Your Positioning Statement – To Position Yourself As A Trusted Advisor
  • Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). How To Differentiate Yourself Early

The STAR Consultative Interview

  • Beyond Fact Finding, Using Questions To Create Massive Buyer Motivation

Presenting Your Solution

  • How To Present Your Solution And Recommendations
  • How To Demonstrate Desired Outcomes
  • How To Prepare Consultative Proposals


  • How To Manage Client Concerns
  • Closing – Dos And Don’ts Plus 10 Zero Pressure Examples

By the conclusion of the program participants will have the tools necessary to:

  • Understand their own strengths and psychological barriers to success
  • Implement best practice consultative selling strategies to differentiate, sell on value, and protect margin
  • The program is supported by e-learning review sessions to ensure important reminders can be accessed by participants

3. SALES STAR Coaching on Demand

Reduce the cost of external sales training!


SOD_Instructional_Video from VictorTV on Vimeo.

Sales grow when people grow. Backed by extensive research and science. SalesStar On Demand is an online embedded learning program, which shifts sales development from external training to your internal sales meetings.
Best of all SalesStar On Demand is fun, simple and easy for sales managers to use.

SalesStar On Demand, is a cloud-based sales coaching solution that turns sales managers into Super Coaches. See the power of SalesStar On Demand for yourself!


Card #1: Introduction to STAR Consultative Selling.

Card #2: Will to Sell – Understanding the Impact of Desire.

Card #3: Will to Sell – Understanding the impact of Commitment

Card #4: Will to Sell – Understanding the Impact of Outlook.

Card #5: Will to Sell – Understanding the Impact of Responsibility.

Card #6: Sales DNA – Self Limiting Beliefs.

Card #7: Sales DNA – Understanding the Need for Approval.

Card #8: Sales DNA – Controlling Emotions.

Card #9: Sales DNA – Money Weakness.

Card #10: Sales DNA – Non-Supportive Buy-Cycle.

Card #11: Sales DNA – Managing Self Limiting Beliefs.

Card #12: Sales DNA: Managing Need for Approval.

Card #13: Sales DNA: Managing Controlling Emotions.

Card #14: Sales DNA: Managing Money Weakness.

Card #15: Sales DNA: Managing Non-Supportive Buy-Cycle.

Card #16 – Know Your Target Market

Card #17 – Target Audience: Qualify / Disqualify.

Card #18 – Know your Sales Process

Card #19 – Sales Process: Execution

Card #20 – Selling in the 21st Century

Card #21: Consultative Selling: The Paint Story

Card #22: Consultative Selling – Principle of Pain and Gain

Card #23: Lead Generation

Card #24: Referrals and SOW

Card #25: Initiating Contact – Positioning Statements

Card #26: Initiating Contact – UVPs

Card #27: Initiating Contact – Gatekeepers

Card #28: Initiating Contact – Role Play

Card #29: The Greeting – Preparing for the Call

Card #30: The Greeting – How to open the Call

Card #31: The Consultative Interview – Situational Questions.

Card #32: Consultative Interview – Tension Questions.

Card #33: Consultative Interview – Affect Questions.

Card #34: Consultative Interview – Resolve Questions.

Card #35: Consultative Interview – Putting it all together.

Card #36: Consultative Presentation

Card #37: Structure for Proposals

Card #38: Cost Benefit Analysis

Card #39: Handling Objections

Card #40: Rules of Closing

Card #41: Closing Examples

Card #42: Account Management

Do any of these problems sound familiar?


  • Inconsistent sales results.
  • No growth from your sales team
  • Unsure if your sales methods are right for today’s consumers
  • Travel and logistics fees hurting your bottom line
  • Concerned about the high costs of external training
  • Blowing money on training that results 
in little, or no change


If any of these problems sound familiar,

then a lack of sales coaching is likely the cause.

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4. SALES STAR Coaching on Demand Full Package


The Sales Leadership & Management Academy Course

The Star Consultative Selling Course Coaching

On Demand Coaching

Sales Star Coaching Cards

  1. Videos (No Longer than 10 Minutes) with a quiz at the end of each video
  2. Workbooks with exercises to complete
  3. Live Sales Performance Coach Bi-Weekly 1 1/2 hours each session
  4. A Sales Expert on Demand for any questions

Instructional Cards for ease of facilitation. Each Coaching card comes with a power point presentation and video to coach by using the senses of Hearing, Seeing and Touching, which has been shown to enhance retention.

Sales Development Audit & Analysis

The service includes the following key components:


Strategies and Priorities  Are they congruent, in conflict, who can and will   execute them.  Who has discomfort with them and why.


Systems and Processes  What is in place and what is missing to manage, motivate, and measure the effectiveness of the team.

What Critical Ratios in your systems and processes are in place now and more importantly, what is missing.  From sales cycles’ to sales process, margins, pipeline movement and activity to Customer Relationship Management and profitability.


Crucial Elements for Success  The crucial elements for success are “conditions” that must exist in order to affect growth and change.


Hidden Major Weaknesses  These are powerful weaknesses that are usually hidden from view, both sales leadership and the salespersons.  These weaknesses, when present,      are powerful enough to neutralize all of salespersons strengths and skills.


Special Skill Sets  We define the special skill sets and show you who has the best,     Hunter Skills, Farmer Skills, Account Development, Skills, Consultative Selling Skills. This is critical information in determining if you have the right players in the right seat on the bus.


Value Proposition   What are your salespeople telling your prospects about your Value Proposition?

Is it constant?

Is it what leadership dictates?

Is it compelling?


Growth Potential We measure a salesperson’s incentive to change and factor in the number of hidden weaknesses.  The stronger the incentive to change and the more the existing weaknesses that are present, the greater the potential for growth.


Commonality The overview explains the common weaknesses affecting your people as well as how they affect the people who have them.  I will isolate the issues that are extremely important.  I will identify individuals that should be singled out for either unusually strong or weak selling characteristics.


Sales Management Implications The overview will illustrate those areas crucial to effective sales management that must be improved or changed outright in order to grow the sales organization and reach the potential we have predicted.


Pipeline Report The pipeline is where you make consistent Revenues. We will define how much money you are leaving on the table. How effective your sales team is qualifying the potential clients before wasting the company resources, and how bloated your pipeline is.


Gap Analysis – Gaps between top performers and your team are identified.  How close your team is to becoming an OVERACHIEVING sales team.


Strategies and Priorities  Are they congruent, in conflict, who can and will   execute them.  Who has discomfort with them and why.


Systems and Processes  What is in place and what is missing to manage, motivate, and measure the effectiveness of the team.


What Critical Ratios in your systems and processes are in place now and more importantly, what is missing.  From sales cycles’ to sales process, margins, pipeline movement and activity to Customer Relationship Management and profitability.

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