What does sales practice and Ray Allen’s foul shooting have in common?

Find your Sales Rhythm

@RayAllen from the  @miamiheat , a future NBA Hall of Famer in an interview was asked about helping  @LeBronJames  with his foul shooting. Ray stated something like this “You’ve just got to stay in rhythm, keep using the same rhythm. Sometimes you miss, but if you change up your shot and you miss then you’ll just be second guessing what you are doing. Stay in the same rhythm so you know what is working and what is not.”
The same formula works in sales, whether you are prospecting your 30 second elevator pitch, your intro at a networking event, your sales processes or any of the many other functions of sales. If you change the presentation every time you will never know what is working or what is not.
I love the word rhythm. Here is the definition of rhythm:
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/rhythm “movement or procedure with uniform or patterned
recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.
Find your rhythm in sales, then stick to it, practice it and own it. Sometimes you may have to make adjustments, but be patient.
Here is an example of my rhythm during a typical day:
Monday starts at 6:00am
1. Water – Social media, thought for the day. Share valuable information
2. Coffee
3. Breakfast
4. Shower, shave and dress
5. Leave to office
6. Hunt-Prospect
7. Grow Client’s sales
8. Grow Client’s sales
9. Grow Client’s sales
10. Marketing
11. Social media, Share valuable information in groups
12. Family Time
This is just my Monday rhythm. I have a rhythm for everyday of the week. I always make sure that within my rhythm there is consistency in my approach, presentations and strategies. The only thing that may break the rhythm is big wins. Then, I go into the celebration rhythm, which always involves popping open a nice bottle of my favorite Champagne.

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