The Sales Pro and The Pro Athlete

Every year professional athletes have to get tested prior to entering training camp. They are tested on how fast they can run, how high they can jump, their agility and quickness. In a sport like football they are also given the Wonderlic test for aptitude. Some of the players that were on the team the prior year are no longer on the team due to their poor combined test results.

If you talk to a professional athlete they will tell you that this is what makes them great. They understand that every year they need to be prepared to be the best that they can be. This motivation is what pushes them to be professional athletes. All professional athletes put time into studying their opponent, their previous performance and the team’s playbook.

I once read a story about this young professional football player, and the story talks about how by the time the team is on the plane going home from an away game, the game film is already available for them to watch via their iPads. He make sure that he studies the game film as soon as he sits on the plane. He does this to continually improve and play his position better to stay on the team.

Why don’t  companies and sales professionals apply those same principles to grow their sales talent and to grow professionally?

Company Action items:

1. Create the sales skill sets you need for each sales position.
2. Pre-screen using an online testing system for possible new sales hires.
3. Give a physical to your current sales management and sales team in other words using  a sales evaluation program.
4. Institute a strength program to strengthen their sales skills and improve on their weaknesses.
5. Cut those that cannot make it through the conditioning program.
6. Hire talent with the skill sets you need, then teach them your processes and systems.

Sales professional action items:

Sales learning
1. Have your sales skills evaluated.
2. Hire a coach or trainer to help you elevate your  sales skill sets.
3. Study your sales craft by reading top sales books.
4. Practice and rehearse your sales presentations and elevator pitches.
5. Role-play as much as possible.
6. Be observant of salesmanship or sales processes all around you daily.
7. See my blog on finding your music.

Become a professional sales organization and a professional salesperson.

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