The Pixie Dust that will Transform your Sales Team to Produce

Fanatical Prospecting Part 2 Book Review

Chapter 1

Non-Sales Entrepreneurs
Non-Sales CEOs
Sales Leaders
Sales people

Are always looking for that magic bullet or pixie dust that will transform their:

Sales team to produce the gross profit revenue they want.

Non-Sales Entrepreneurs

These are Entrepreneurs dead by pure belief desire and survival can take your company to over a million dollars in Revenue. Now granted yes they did sell over $Billions of their products and services but sales most of the time is not the skill-set where they can get the most return on their money. The problem is they do not know how to recruit, train, coach and hold a sales department accountable to deliver results. Sales scalability is their issue. They grew because they did the prospecting in the manner that Jeb Blount states in Fanatical Prospecting.

No one can ever sell better than the owner of a company because it’s their company. It’s like talking about your children it’s nice to hear great things that other people say about your children but nobody will ever feel or speak with such greatness about your children than a parent.

I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs get caught up on the business book of the Month Club because this is the magic fix for sales in their company.

I hear them say I need someone just like me to double my company. My response is then all you’re creating is a competitor.

Non-Sales CEOs produce 20% less growth than sales CEOs.

These non sale CEOs maybe the founder or a Hired Gun but most of the time they are so far removed or they do not have a hierarchy equivalent to their other departments.  what I mean by this I’ve seen VP sales who are actually Frontline sales managers reporting to a high-level executive of which that executive is not held accountable for the success of that frontline sales manager.

According to a research paper by CSO insights frontline sales managers are trained less than the salespeople. The research continues to stay that companies with a dynamic formal front-line sales manager training program increases the percentage in every aspect of sales and generates a high percentage a revenue.  are you investing in your front line sales manager?

The CEOs are also looking for pixie dust that can repair their entire sales department Or get sold by their sales leadership or new hire sales leader on the latest and greatest way 2 Easley Drive sales revenue.  Don’t forget CEOs and the end of the day the buck stops with you. you are accountable the gross profit of the company and definitely net profit or return to shareholders.

Sales Leaders

The sales leader may have been promoted because they were this best salesperson.  they may have been hired because they sold you and how they’re going to grow Revenue.

The sales leader or sales manager job is on the line if revenues are not being produced. They too are looking for the Magic Bullet. They do not lead by example by getting on the phone prospecting. sales managers are usually not trained in Sales Management but more importantly how to manage sales people particularly top-performing salespeople.


This one is easy. All the titles above are salespeople to some degree, but the one thing they all have in common and will all agree that they all hate prospecting. So there is no doubt they want pixie dust or the next great technique to hit their targets. They want leads coming to them. They don’t want to hunt.


Fanatical prospecting spells this out nicely.

“Also, Jeb Blount defines prospecting in the 21st century.

Superstars view prospecting as a way of life.

They prospect with single-minded focus, worrying little about what other people think of them.

They enthusiastically dive into

telephone prospecting,

e-mail prospecting,

cold calling, networking,

asking for referrals,

knocking on doors,

following up on leads,

attending trade shows, and

striking up conversations with strangers.”

They don’t make excuses: “Oh, this is not a good time to call because they might be at lunch.” They don’t complain: “Nobody is calling me back.” They don’t whine: “The leads are bad.”

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Blount, Jeb (2015-09-29). Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, and Cold Calling (pp. 4-5). Wiley. Kindle Edition.


Now where I Have a difference of opinion he does not believe that the Entrepreneurs, CEOs or Sales Leaders should accept responsibility regarding prospecting.

As the saying goes inspect what you expect.

What makes the Elite, Elites is there are a few of them.

One definition of Elite is “A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.”

The Elite Navy Seals and professional athletes need great coaches and leaders. Some turned good players into Elite or have revitalized their careers.

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Greatness is being World-Class
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