The mobile marketing growth

Mobile marketing is the most prominent and creative marketing activity aimed at targeting mobile users. In the modern world, mobile technology is the most effective and yet simple means of communication. Mobile marketing in the modern world is essentially an updated version of e-marketing. A number of years ago, e-marketing changed the whole concept of marketing. It reduced the company’s marketing expenses but led to higher sales. In the same way, mobile marketing is shaking up marketing concepts. It’s proving its significance in the current marketing era.

For advertising and marketing, mobile technology is a highly profitable and convenient means of communication and an effective way to target your audience. It is a customizable medium with the lowest cost, and it has the potential to influence a wide audience.  Mobile marketing includes SMS, MMS, WAP site, WAP storefront, mobile applications, mobile advertising, etc.  Any organization can use these different mobile marketing techniques to explore the maximum business opportunities. Today, people use mobile phones not just to communicate but for all of the activities for which they were previously dependent on their laptops and computers. They are no longer tied down to their bulky computers and laptops. They use mobile phones to chat, text, and stay in touch with people via e-mail and social networking sites. In short, people are using their cell phones now more wisely and spending more time on it than ever before.

Just a few years back, mobile marketing was not a prominent concept due to the basic handset devices. However, with the emergence of the smartphones, it has become a more interactive and effective tool for marketing and advertising. With the smartphones, users are not just able to read the text, but are also able to see images and videos and are able to interact with advertisers. Mobile marketing is growing day by day. Statistics reveal that approximately 70 percent of the population today is using mobile phones to satisfy their various needs. Leaving such a massive audience untapped means missing out on countless business opportunities. As the numbers of smartphone users are rising, it is also giving rise to mobile marketing. Organizations are trying their best to reach the huge number of potential clients by using mobile marketing techniques. Mobile is the most convenient method of providing instant information at a minimal expense. Various studies have shown that the response to mobile marketing techniques is much higher than any traditional technique. By 2016, the total share of mobile marketing accounts is expected to reach 15.2% of global online ad spending.

Mobile marketing is growing rapidly like a tsunami wave. Any organization that is not ready for this wave is likely to be swept away by it. A study by Morgan Stanley shows that 90% of smartphone users have their cell phones within reach of their arm. It means that they are connected to their cell phones 24-7. Results from in 2011 proved that an average person responds to e-mail within 90 minutes. On the other hand, it just takes 90 seconds for an average person to respond a text message. Another study (Search Engine Land, 2012) shows that 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, and half of them result in a purchase. Plus, 52% of mobile ads are likely to get a phone call from the targeted audience (xAd, 2012). It is obvious that the higher response rate will lead to higher sales and ultimately will boost the bottom line of any organization.

Mobile marketing provides huge potential business opportunities. Mobile users are the people who have to purchase goods and services every day and are expected to make transactions for that. At that time, if they come across any particular marketing technique on their cell phones, the advertiser has a prime opportunity to attract them. The mobile phone is personal, and any user always carries it along with him. It provides an opportunity to connect with the audience conveniently and quickly. Most importantly, mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive and yet is the most effective way to approach potential and existing customers. It is possible to target a large audience with minimal expense in mobile marketing. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, mobile marketing does not require a massive capital investment.

Technology always plays a large role as far as marketing is concerned. It is an inevitable process for any organization to keep updating its marketing strategies as technological modernization takes place. It ensures higher profits to an organization and helps to maintain its position in the market.

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