Solve, rather than try to convince

Peak Performing Sales Professionals, solve rather than try to convince.

If you have to convince prospective clients or clients then you have not created enough value or your solution does not provide the return on investment to fix their problems.

Maybe you did not discover enough problems or the ripple effect that not fixing their problems cost their organization.

During your discovery the consultative questions you need the answers to how fixing their problem or problems affect the other departments.

Remember, making decisions is similar to when you have a balloon and you push in the balloon on one side then it comes out on the other side. It bubbles the other side.

Your solution should add value to other departments.

When you go to the doctor, he’ll ask you a series of questions regarding the pain or problems you have with your health.

After all the tests are performed, the doctor comes back with a solution to what you need to do or the options that you have to solve your health problems. You may ask him if this is this something you have to do now or is it something you can do in the next 6 months or even wait a couple of years.

The doctor’s response is usually that you need to solve this problem now because of the ramifications if it is not done as soon as possible.

That decision is easy, but you can wait a few years, the pain you have is not strong enough. So you wait to get it done in a year let’s say.

Peak performing sales professionals know it’s their duty to ask or bring to light how not fixing the problem now can affect you and others.

Playing with your children, dancing with your spouse or significant other.

Playing a sport or other activities that are important to you.

Now one has to decide the value of the solution and how it may affect others.

Action Items:

1. Understand the Organization by departments and chain of command

2. Understand how your solution affects other departments, the people and most importantly their clients.

3. Create with the client the value your solution will provide for these departments

4. Ask how fixing the problem will benefit them personally and from a business perspective

5. Sometimes a prospective client’s pain is a lower priority or they just can’t pull the trigger.

Their loss- Next. Back to creating pipeline and closing the next deal.

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