Slow economic times require Sales Motivation

Slow economic times require a different approach in sales and selling. Considering the competition is very high these days, to keep the sales activities going it is a perfectly good idea to infuse sales motivation tactics. There is a greater need today to preserve and encourage the “can do attitude” to improve selling and sales figures.

The sales team can be the perfect driving force if motivated correctly. Simple, practicable, workable solutions can be considered while preparing a stronger motivation plan.

Encourage positive re-enforcement amongst sales reps and praise them on their performance. This will have a positive impact on not only the sales rep, but will encourage others to improve their own performances. The critical fact to remember is paying an unpretentious compliment so that the coworkers do not see it as picking a “pet favorite.”

Set small goals at first to build a good momentum. Setting smaller sales goals initially helps with positive encouragement immensely, since “it can happen,” will be the first message that registers for any sales rep. It makes them feel good about themselves.

  • Doing everything at once tends to create a mess of things.
  • Laser focus should be encouraged, but achievable goals should be well-defined in sales.
  • Success strategies should be encouraged.
  • Thinking positive and ending the day on a positive note should be taught each day.

Staying repeatedly with negative emotions and dwelling on what has not worked for the day is an enormous waste. This has the tendency to affect things negatively tomorrow. So make sure your sales team focuses on things that have worked for the day before they leave the office.

  • Chart out the sales figures and goals on a week –to– week basis.
  • Revise the goals and map the performances of all the sales reps, this will help by creating a competitive aspect in selling./li>
  • Incentive is a good motivator no doubt, but be careful that you select the achiever carefully.

You will not want to reward a wrong person as this is one of the worst things you can do to a team, consequently the rest of the team will be demotivated and resentments will arise, so you must select the right talent.

The vital relationship between learning and really transferring a fresh skill to real world experience is essentially governed by motivation. Set up situations to help and prepare the sales reps for first hand experience of real life sells and closing aspects. Role playing is an essential sales training method. This will make them aware of various ways, and they will have a better chance at solving problems before they arise.

Motivated sales teams perform. This helps to keep the costs of “sales training” and “hiring” a new sales team again and again in check.

Sales motivation helps:

1. To maximize your business potential and widen the scope of building healthy sales pipeline.
2. In cutting costs of Human Resources, and indirectly helps in sales management aspects considerably.
3. And offers many advantages, so why wait any longer?
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