Sales Techniques -Learning the right skills

Sales Techniques

How can you motivate clients to say “Yes” and buy your products or services? Do you speculate why clients buys product or services from your competitors? A sales technique is the answer to both questions. To be successful in sales requires you to be trained by using basic techniques. No sales person is born with sales techniques; some person may have natural skills but sales technique is accomplished from continuous learning and years of experience. Learning the right skills, techniques and sufficient practice will help you sell anything. Remember skills can be learned and talent can be nurtured. Role playing is an excellent way to sharpen your techniques. Your ability to role play on the spot is vital to your ability to succeed in sales. (Elevator pitch blog coming soon)

All sizes of business that depends on selling products or services are regularly forced to compete with a different company, it is vital that  businesses and/or sales personnel are well equipped with effective sales techniques to survive in a challenging economy. Developing and improving sales technique will definitely make your business climb the ladder of success amongst any competitor. Furthermore, effective sales technique will motivate, encourage, elevate self-confidence and brings positive attitude to the sales personnel.

Sales Techniques – knowing people buy what they want, not what they need.
There are several basic sales techniques which are available, and doing the rounds for a long time but many sales professional seem to have missed the basic techniques. One of the basic sales technique is that knowing people buy what they want, not what they need. Concentrate on emotional triggers instead of the feature of the product you are selling because the decision to buy a product is prompt by the desires and emotions.

It is important to build a good relationship with clients because customers buy products or services from people they like. Sales techniques also include the art of listening keeping in mind that the client does not like being sold to, but they are the one making the decision to buy. By listening you should learn to understand you clients pain or pleasure points. It is your responsibility as a sales professional to provide them with more of what they want or to provide solutions to remove their pain. Sometimes this requires you to refer them to someone else who can serve them better, putting solving their situation above your own interests.

It is understood that successful sales techniques are more about focusing on the client than focusing on the sales person. Solve the client’s problem. Sometimes  your clients do not know what to ask. Do not solve what they ask but solve what they need.Studying customer psychology and behavioral change can be the most effective sales technique one can learn from and thus sales will be improved, and this technique will let your business generate enormous profits.

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