Sales Team

Sales Team

Selling is not a business of a one-man army. You need a sales team that consists of experienced professionals who will achieve sales targets and increase the sales productivity of the company.

Apart from achieving sales targets, the toughest job in an organization is to hire the right salesperson for the right role.

A sales team is the core of success in any industry. Your team is the only source for generating customers and increasing sales productivity. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of your team. No matter how small or large your team is, when your sales team has the right selling skills and techniques, your organization will be destined to lead the industry.

Selling is a tough job that can take a toll on your energy level. The results are always unpredictable. This is the reason why sales representatives are the highest-paid employees in business organizations. Sometimes, to ignite your team, even a fat salary is not sufficient to challenge the market. You need the added spice of tips, techniques, and the right selling skills to implement and generate prospects. If a fat salary were a sufficient motivator, your team would have already been performing at its optimal level.

It is important for the team leader to identify what excites the sales representatives. It could be cash, prestige, rewards, recognition, or job satisfaction. Of the above, there is one unifying quality of all the sales representatives:  They want to be on top and unique in the market. Your team wants to win the hearts of their prospects. To lead the market, there are few strategies involved to ignite your sales force.

The first strategy is to make the incentives a driving force. To get maximum leads, shake up your commission structure whenever you launch a new product in the market. During promotion, if one of your sales executives has succeeded in generating a prospect, then reward him with some incentives and motivate him to keep the momentum going. This will help your sales team to perform better in the industry.

Understanding your sales team is a vital motivational factor. Your team should know what is expected from them. The sales representatives should feel free to interact with their team leader and clarify all of their doubts regarding sales pitching and should be provided with guidance if they are unable to achieve sales targets. The best platform to comprehend and solve their problems is conducting team meetings, conferences, or scrutinizing their daily sales reports, etc. Individual meetings help team members to discuss their personal feelings and issues that affect their performance. To call for a team meeting, you may use resources like sending weekly e-mails, conference calls, online chats, or tip sheets, or you could invite them to a business office or a restaurant.

Getting the whole company behind the sale is also a major motivational factor. After all, the survival of the  organization itself depends on the success of the sales department. For the whole firm to be successful, announce campaigns and contests to set up a race or competition in the industry. Encourage the other departments like marketing, engineering, and customer service to be supportive of the efforts of the sales staff.

Providing sales training regularly will boost your team’s confidence level and will bring more customers, thus increasing sales productivity. Ignite some change in the team. Your team members need you the most. The team leaders should be friendly and enthusiastic, and must engage in open talks with the members regarding their performance, results, demands, and so on. Providing continuous motivation and inspiration to build a strong sales team is the best strategy to achieve sales targets and increase sales productivity.



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