Sales Professionals Understand the key to growth is self-awareness

Peak Performance Sales Professionals don’t complain, fret, criticize or worry about their weaknesses or others’.

They work strengthening  their weaknesses or change them whenever the resources are available.


They know that the there are 4 major categories where salespeople tend to be weak.

1.Their Strong Desire for Sales Success

2.Their Strong Commitment to Sales Success

3.Their Motivation

4.Taking Responsibility for their results


They can have a weak desire for success, in this case it is simple they just don’t want it.

If they are not committed to do whatever it takes to succeed, then all the desire in the world won’t help them.

If a salesperson is not motivated to success, this will affect their energy, their commitment and their overall “WHY”. Finding your strong WHY you want to succeed is vitally important.

A salesperson who does not take responsibility for their results will always point their fingers on all the reason they are not getting results.


The economy, the pricing of the products or services, their sales manager, the company and so on.

Many people have desires but without commitment to take action, these are just wishes.


Michael Jordan was cut from his freshman high school basketball team.

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson 1997


His desire, commitment, motivation and holding himself accountable to practice and work harder than anyone else has made him the ultimate winner and champion in both basketball and business.


Of course, whenever a weaknesses is identified, they try to change it within themselves, seek coaching and training and help others try to change their weaknesses.


As a Certified partner of Objective Management Group, they have developed assessments and evaluations backed by science to identify these weaknesses.


They have assessed and evaluated over 1 million salespeople. Peak Performing Sales Professionals know there is always an understandable reason for their weaknesses.


The reason, in most cases, is not a conscious effort it may be poor coaching, training and self limiting beliefs or negative self talk.


After all, people don’t say… “I’d like to be weak, I’ll practice not being motivated; I’ll be close minded.”


Weaknesses are a result of a lack of conscious understanding of the problem.

A conscious understanding of the problem consists of three things. First the weakness is recognized.

Secondly, the person recognizes that they have control over their weaknesses.


Third, the person has knowledge to exercise change over their weaknesses, in other words, because recognition of a weakness is the first step towards eliminating it.


Peak Performing Sales Professionals constantly look outside themselves for constructive criticism.


They know that objective observers will recognize weaknesses that they won’t, or before they will.

This does not contradict the notion of being positive and looking for things to be happy about, because they do not take it personally.

They do not allow tough coaching to affect their self esteem. When it comes to their weaknesses, they first receive it and analyze it and work on it without reaction.


Tim Grover who trained Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade states in his book Relentless that Michael Jordan told him after retiring that if he ever sees Tim Grover he’ll shoot him.

Obviously he was joking but the reference was how hard that Tim Grover trained him and pushed Michael to his limits physically.

The real story is how Michael accepted the tough and grueling training. Imagine the greatest basketball player of all time, putting his ego and stature aside.


Peak Performance Sales Professionals do not dwell emotionally on their weaknesses.

They realize that it is very easy to get caught up emotionally trying to change.

When they find themselves becoming tense, anxious and uptight, they simply say, “The heck with it”. They space themselves away from their emotional reactions and try to become objective.


They realize that although, the day to day goals, steps and techniques, relationships, knowledge and activities are important, in the whole scheme of things we are all just a spec in time.

Billions of years have gone by before we were here, and billions of years will go by afterwards.


Though today, all the problems may have taken on the illusion that they are the most important things in life, and that everything centers around them, they do not.


Peak Performance Sales Professionals recognize that this is the time to just say, “Too bad, tomorrow’s another day”.


By doing this, they become unstressed, it allows them to become creative, re-motivated, committed and hold take responsibility to improve their weaknesses and no excuses for their results, and everything begins to fall in place.


Action Items:

1.Get evaluated, assessed or ask your sales leaders where you have weaknesses.

2.Develop the desire and commitment to improve on your weaknesses. Find coaching and training.

3.Understand no salesperson is perfect but the difference in amateur salespeople and Peak Performing Sales professionals is in the 100’s of thousands of dollars.

4.Take responsibility for your results and make no excuses. Go for it and leave it all on the field.



Greatness is being World-Class
Sell to Greatness.

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