Sales Professionals Surround Themselves with Successful People.

You are the Average of the People You Surround Yourself  With


They develop interactive, symbiotic–give and take relationships with people who have reached higher achievements than themselves in the areas of their wants and desires.

They motivate others to share knowledge and time by humbly giving of themselves.

They know that others who have achieved like to be mentors.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals make great students.

They bring freshness, newness, and energy to their teachers.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals surround themselves with people with more money, more social acceptance, more knowledge, better health, depending on the priorities that match their goals.

They realize that their time is only theirs. They own it.

It’s nobody else’s time. That’s why they don’t feel guilty about not spending time with people who are negative, down, lazy or mediocre.

This is not to say that if a person has been negative, unhappy, and unsuccessful in the past, but now is seeking help, that they don’t help them.

Just the opposite, they look at those seeking help as positive people and act as a mentor to them.

They know that if they expect others higher on the achievement level, to contribute time to their success, in all fairness, they must contribute to their subordinates on the ladder of success.

They always try to develop relationships with people who have achieved high goals, set higher standards and have higher or better skills.

By doing this, they know that success will rub off.

They will absorb the knowledge and energy that have enabled the others to succeed.

They know that successful people use people motivating psychology and that this will aid them in their own down periods.

They know that by doing this they can learn from example mirroring Peak Performance Sales Professionals.

They also know that people like to share, sharing is a part of rapport and commonality.

They seek out individuals who have common goals, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Based on this principle they know if they have something to share in the form of goals, with the successful people they surround themselves with, they will share back.

Successful people surround themselves with other successful, positive, happy, energetic people, in both their personal and work life.

The fourth quarter of 2016 was the worst quarter of my business and of my life.

Client projects were ending, cash flow was extremely tight and for the first time in my life, I let fear of failure get to me.

I felt that I was letting my family down, I was losing deals due to worrying about losing the deals.

It was a state of mind that I never want to feel again.

Imagine, I was in beautiful Vail for the holidays skiing with my family, meanwhile going through extreme anxiety.

Now, if you know me, 90% of the time I am a positive, happy, and energetic person in both my personal and work life; sometimes too energetic.

So my friends and family immediately knew something was not right with me.

I do not know if you are a spiritual person or not, but with all due respect, my story is.

The first positive and happy person that began to lead me out of this mental state was my wife.

We began praying together for positive things. She would send me wonderful loving texts.

My mentors kept reinforcing me to get up and fight.

My close friends would remind me of all the successes I had accomplished to that point, particularly with my children and the other businesses I built.

One friend gave me chocolates with a card. In the card, she wrote something along the lines of “I never thought I would say this but I miss your loud, obnoxious (in a loving way) and Life of the Party Victor. Bring him back!”

I am proud to say that my company’s sales in the 1st half of 2017 have been the best 2 quarters in the history of our company. Thankfully, I am in the right state of mind and I’m back.

I don’t say this story so people can feel sorry for me but to demonstrate that peak performing sales professionals surround themselves with other successful, positive, happy, energetic people, in both their personal and work life.

If you want something to change, do something about it.

Test yourself. Think of the goals you have set for yourself, perhaps a financial goal.

Let’s suggest for example, that you wish to increase your earnings to $100,000.

Ask yourself, “During the last month, how many people have I had good solid communication with, who have a record of achieving at least that goal or better? “Of those people, from how many did I find out their greatest success secret?”

If you can’t name at least five success secrets towards achieving the goal, from at least five of those people. In other words, an idea from each of them, then you haven’t applied this success theory.  

Peak Performing Sales Professionals develop an alliance with the right people. They decide who and what type of people they want to surround themselves with.

They join and contribute to activities that involve those people.

This includes sporting activities, family activities, business activities, hobbies, etc.

I belong to Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and I learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and experiences that these other successful Entrepreneurs have gone through.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many successful Entrepreneurs, as well as my family, and great friends.

Lastly, Peak performers act as mentors for others as a way of paying back to the system.

At the same time, they make it an exercise to avoid spending time with unenergetic, mediocre, depressing and unhappy people.

Action items:

1. Seek out mentors who have achieved or exceeded the goals you desire and are committed to.

2. Be prepared when meeting with a mentor with a pen and pad. Ask questions and listen and write.

3. I suggest a book, buy it, read it as fast as you can then call them to discuss the book. This will demonstrate your commitment to learning and success

4. Look for people who want to be where you are and mentor them. Help as many people that say they want success. By being a good mentee you will know what one looks like.

5. Speak at you local High School or Junior High and teach them your skills and knowledge.

6. Make it a habit to avoid spending time with unenergetic, mediocre, depressing and unhappy people. Unless they are ready and committed to change, then help them.

7. Always pass it forward.

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