The Semantics of Positive Sales Motivation

The Semantics of Positive Sales Motivation

Sales motivation is the contextual element that helps to maintain the consistency of sales growth as well as business development through an exponential increase in sales efforts. A constructive sales motivation plan holds the answers to better sales and improved profit margins for every kind of business out there.

Constructive sales motivation helps the sales teams and sales reps clearly see what is needed and why it is needed. Constructive sales motivation can be brought into being by using positive language, encouraging actions, and well-planned strategies in sales. For this to occur, leaving the present comfort zone and moving toward a new picture of what you want is the first step. Successful athletes everywhere advocate that first they see in their mind’s eye what they want, and then they just do it, and eventually they repeat things they already have successfully done. This is the power of positive motivation, and the basic sequence is:  view, take action, repeat successful actions, and exceed. This is true because we can only move toward what we think about.

This should be the groundwork for making desired changes in your sales performance by actually defining, and then viewing, the success in performance. A clear picture of what we want in terms of higher sales figures, more lead generation, time management, and well-defined goals for each day help sales motivation immensely.

Your organization should have an inclusive vision and purpose that is thoroughly known and understood. Your sales teams should be inspired by the mission statement and how it actually benefits the establishment, the customers, the employees, and them personally.

A compelling sales motivation

A compelling sales motivation plan should include inter- as well as intra-sales-team-friendly competitions within and among themselves, as this is a healthy way to drive each other to achieve higher performance. Sales managers should focus on sales reps’ strengths and help them minimize their weaknesses. Genuine praise and sincere displays of appreciation go a long way in sales motivation. Enthusiasm is infectious, so an organization must make sure that sales managers have the personality to inspire sales, as opposed to being a dictator who just knows how to give orders.

Attitudes and behaviors are characteristic of a particular sales group or organization. Positive traits and language play a vital role in sales performance; the key, then, is to hold presentations within the organization so that sales reps are encouraged to speak freely. Sales reps should be encouraged to send out weekly or monthly e-mails every time they schedule a sales convention, demo, or on-site meeting with probable prospects.

At regular intervals, exchanges of best practices among team members should be scheduled. Using a headset splitter for constant improvement is an effective technique. Try it, and if you do not have a headset splitter, make provisions for it. New associates of the sales team initially seek to emulate the successful team veterans, so headset splitters are an excellent learning tool, as well.

Some portion of the company sales motivation plan can include supplementary financial incentives and motivational fun events, along with extra incentives that the sales reps can earn through reaching team goals.

Try to use corporate annual events like team lunch, get-togethers, and excursions to strengthen the sales team dynamic and celebrate success.  These can include:

  • Team lunches
  • Get-togethers
  • Excursions and short trips
  • Retreats
  • Sporting events
  • Theme parties

Want more ideas or need help in getting your sales team motivated? Contact Victor Arocho and the Sales Potential Group for the boost that your organization needs to stay competitive. An investment in your sales team is an investment in your company’s future.

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