Overlooking sales motivation as a vital detail can spell disaster

Sales and motivation goes a long way to realize the common goal of all businesses, “success”. New and innovative means of communication and methods have been tried and tested to increase sales. Listed below are few key factors that should be considered to devise a strong sales motivation plan.

Sales Patterns and motivation: It’s a given that sales will not be uniform throughout the year, but sales patterns can be effectively charted and monitored. This will help you to identify the phases where sales are in a slump and sales motivation and activities can be arranged during that period. Specific areas can be identified and follow up can be strategically devised accordingly.

Sales motivation and sales pipeline: Sales motivation helps to drive the sales figures higher. Just like a domino effect, a motivated sales team will project and achieve a higher sales goal and keep the sales growth intact. Also, a better and stronger sales pipeline is developed. Keep in mind that the leads work or unworked are regularly updated so that no deal is lost or overlooked.

Competition and Gratification: To keep the sales motivation,  going gratification is particularly important. Every competition should have productive and well thought out prizes for the winners. This will boost the morale of your sales team and sales reps. Make it a point to be reasonable and do not go overboard with the prize. On the other hand, do not be stingy. Gratification is crucial because at the end of the day it keeps the sales rep motivated as well as can aspires them to achieve more.

Improved CRM: Traditional CRMs are a bore. Be different and try adding the creative touch to the CRM system your company is using. Considering the competition is greater in the present economic conditions, track all data and competition. This will help to get to a motivated sales force which is highly effective, and having the correct data in hand saves time.

Conserve resources: Many times the database of potential or essential clients are not updated or shared properly amongst the sales reps. This cuts into the selling time and demotivates sales reps when they find this particular sale or project has already been worked on by someone else. This is also a taxing prospect and waste of valuable resources.

Trying to overlook sales motivation as a vital detail can spell disaster. Make these little changes and see the difference with which your motivated sales team performs. Happy selling and grow sales!

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