Sales Motivation – A Must Investment

Sales Motivation

Are your organization’s sales reps failing to achieve their sales goals? Are you bothered and confused by declining sales figures and profit margins? It’s time to take a closer look at the sales teams and what is demotivating them. You and your organization can—and should—reap the invaluable benefits of regular sales motivation sessions for your salespeople.

Oddly enough, few organizations invest in sales motivation, a vital element for growth and longevity. Motivation helps your team attain its sales objectives and keep the profits coming in at a steady pace. Sales motivation is sometimes overlooked—and that’s where the trouble starts. At the end of the day, we are prone to error, and sales reps are no different. The myriad theories, methods, and strategies in the area of sales and selling can be confusing and frustrating at times. Sales motivation is the key to unlocking and overcoming the apparent mysteries of selling. Sales motivations can truly help in devising a stronger game plan for your sales team.

Motivation affects bottom-line growth as well as profit margins. This is reason enough to consider making time for periodic sessions of sales motivation in your workplace. Motivation helps avoid repetition and monotony by making the sales domain interesting. In addition, motivation saves your company the resources involved in hiring new people again and again. Many surveys and research studies have shown that trained, motivated salespeople perform better on given tasks than salespeople who have not benefited from a sales motivation component.

Motivation can be achieved through the creative use of resources. For example, short seminars and case presentations will help you and your organization and will help to make your sales representatives aware of new and relevant trends and developments in sales and selling. Sales reps will have more personal options, and a range of different preferences can be satisfied at once. Such opportunities can provide them with unlimited possibilities and ideas for building their sales success plan.

Even brief sales motivation sessions for the duration of 1 to 2 hours per week can help to focus and regroup sales plans effectively. You can bolster motivational aspirations by defining attractive incentives for various categories, such as:

  • Best single sale
  • Best work methodology
  • Best job at handling demanding customers
  • Best referrals
  • Highest number of customers handled per year

You can revise different categories each year or adapt different ideas according to your company’s needs or requirements.

To understand your customers better, you can devise motivational games and make up or modify rules such that they would test the selling ability of your sales representatives. Then, give them feedback accordingly so that they can perform better. Positive reinforcement and encouragement help the sales rep perform at his or her optimal best.

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