Sales Motivation

Sales Motivation

Each day is a new life, whole point is to seize it to live it and sell it!! Sales motivation is rather fundamental to increase sales and keep the sales cycle in motion. All sales rep need a little motivation time and again. It is a time tested fact that motivated sales team performs better on any given task. The formalities of sales and ability to sell can get monotonous from time to time; key is giving it motivational twist so as to spice things up. At the end of the day, these small things help the sales rep as well as the consumers or the end users.

End users or customers prefer to buy things from people who understand their needs and wants. They are themselves aware and quick to notice a genuine or fake gimmick when sales is concerned. The vital after support is also one of the main factors that hone in the attention of the buyer.

Simple things sometimes go a long way and help to realize the full potential of a sales team. Certain things that matter in sales motivation to be considered carefully are:

    • Sale motivations should be done in moderation, do not overdo it. It tends to be seriously frustrating if you hound sales rep continuously. On the other hand if you don’t bother at all to add the sales motivation initiatives you will realize that it directly harms the sales figures.


    • When preparing material for any sales team or sales individual, make it a point to keep them well-informed about the product they are selling and all its positive features in detail.


    • Keep the motivation content as short and as precise as possible. Eliminate unnecessary, lengthy explanations to avoid boredom.


    • Add compelling twists to products or services that you are trying to sell. Include captivating punch line or corky remarks that will attract the customer’s attention.


    • Don’t try to make the decision for the buyer or customer, just give details and let them decide.


    • Make sure to try to get the sales people in front of as many people as possible for that day. Give them set targets and define achievable target limits. Over worked sales rep tend to give decreased work output. At the end, profit is necessary, but sales rep are humans also and keep in mind they have their limitations.


  • Prepare and create better practices to check for customer feedback and follow up on both appreciation as well as negative feedback. In case of negative feedback make necessary amends and do not repeat the same mistakes.

Motivation helps sales when done correctly and in moderation. There are no full-proof plans as far as sales motivation is concerned. I have put together some practical workable sales motivation solutions that can come in handy to many sales reps irrespective of what they are selling. Sheer will and determination can move mountains sales motivations puts “selling mountain” into practical prospective. Hope these suggestions are helpful. Let me know if any questions or suggestions.

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