Sales Meeting and Motivation

The sales meeting is an essential element of an overall sales initiative. Sales meetings are a commonplace occurrence throughout all types of industries and sectors. The primary purpose of a sales meeting is to encourage your sales representatives, define sales goals and set deadlines. Successful sales meetings can do wonders for the profit margin of any and every kind of businesses out there.

Most sales meetings are seen as boring lectures with monotonous messages that have nothing to do with selling products. This then becomes the main source of demotivation rather than motivation.  Sales meetings that are not properly planned feel like a punishment for the sales team.
In order to keep sales figures healthy, a few useful pointers have been listed below.

  • Brief sales meetings should be delivered every single day. These should provide the team with relevant information and workable solutions to help them increase business. Most corporations agree with the idea of having daily sales meetings, but then don’t have them because they lack upbeat, fresh and compelling ideas and/or content. This leads to meetings being a massive waste of time.
  • For sales meetings to be operative, you must capitalize time, resources and energy in making them thought-provoking over and over again. Real time and thought should be allotted to the planning process of the sales meeting, but don’t go overboard.
  • Strategic policies and checklists should be provided each day with allotted time slots, schedules and goals to be achieved that day.

  • New solutions and the ability to estimate the upcoming or common glitches should be inculcated and developed in each individual present at the sales meeting.

  • Daily feedback should be given to ensure that errors are not repeated and working ideas can be exchanged regularly during sales meeting.
  • All sales meetings should be brief, to-the-point and concise. (Try not to exceed more than 20 minutes for any sales meeting.) Don’t waste salespeople’s time by overloading them with unnecessary details or information.
  • Fresh approaches should be rewarded whenever it is feasible to do so.

A successful sales meeting brings the whole team together, promotes positive values, and increases cohesiveness within the selling team. It helps to motivate and ensures proper management, and it prepares individual salespeople with the latest techniques and solutions that will, in reality, increase sales.

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