Sales Management

Management is the discipline of making a group of employees in an organization work as a combined unit to achieve the desired goals of the company. Management in any organization is essential for using the resources effectively and attaining maximum profitability with minimum cost. It is only through management that employees can be made to work efficiently as a team.

The process of management is undertaken by the manager. Be it a manager at a low level or a higher level, this individual is responsible for managing the employees and resources for the advancement of the company. A good manager is the one who can make difficult tasks easier without wasting any resources.

The sales management of any company is driven by such essential factors  planning, reporting and processing.

  • Planning the sales is a crucial part of sales management for attaining best results for both the company and the customer. No product or service can be sold without planning because it does not happen on the spur of the moment. Various factors are considered well in advance in order to achieve optimal results in any business through thorough planning. Core knowledge of the product is vital, as it will motivate the customers to believe the salespeople.
  • Reporting is required to keep the top-level managers and other parts of the organization informed about its events and activities. It also indicates the sales as per the planning.
  • Processing involves the management of error-free work from the employee’s side, as well as maximum productivity by working as a single unit, etc.

Sales management professionals can carry out various activities for maximum sales. These include functions such as collecting data for the target market, informing customers about the products and their benefits, understanding the needs of the people, identifying customers who are interested in buying the products and services, negotiations and closing deals, retaining the customers for the future, and other vital activities.

Sales management also includes recruitment tasks such as job analysis, job description, and job qualification.

  • Job analysis is carried out to determine the daily activities of salespeople.
  • Job description contains information about the salespeople’s duties, their work plans, the types of products and services sold to customers who have been motivated to buy those products and services, etc.
  • Job qualification determination is often considered challenging, yet it is highly important because it affects a company’s advantage in the market as well as its revenue.

Management is divided into various levels depending on the size of the organization. The objectives of sales management are high sales volume, an increase in profit contribution, and growth of the factors of production. These are indicated on the basis of where the company is and what its future goals are. The foremost objective is to get maximum output with minimum effort.

Management is a continuous process, required at all stages to attain profitability. It is no longer confined to just selling, but also includes executing other activities such as promotion, distribution, pricing, etc. Thus, it is more of a profession. This process cannot be carried out by a single person. It is a group effort for the achievement of common goals.

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