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Sales Games

Every game has its specific set of rules. To cut the chase short, sales people are a committed lot who play the sales game remarkably well! Today, newer means and methodologies; make selling easier than ever before and ensure a highly motivated, bankable, and performing sales team. Selling and Sales games are such powerful tools that helps to build a successful sales team that is united and definitely active. Also, innovative sales games help the sales team remain updated on recent techniques and training methods in selling. Also, it helps them to polish and hone in their selling skill set.

Role playing and role reversal sales games
Where the sales person is both the buyer and seller provides hands on experience. Try and put a humorous spin on things to make the game fun and memorable. You can ask the group to play judges and critique selling strategies exhibited. This can be followed by brainstorming and analysis session. Different selling ideas used to close the deal with the customer can be learnt by this method.

Game Shows
Games featured on television is something that everyone relates too. Get a little creative and adopt popular game show template to sell products. Train in specifics that have worked well for television, chances are bright that these sales pitches will work like a charm as well, for your customers! Study things in detail to get the sales pitch well adopted and in order.

Inanimate object games
A superb salesman can almost sell anything to anyone. Select an intangible item for salespeople to sell like some color, some alphabet or elements of water, fire, air etc. For example, give each participant a color card the salesman’s objective is to sell his color to the other salespeople present in the room. He must make carefully cite why his color is a better buy. This exercise will summon creativity required in describing the product traits as well as verbalizing a winning sales pitch.

Modified Traditional Board Games
Games such as “Monopoly” or “Supermarket” does help to refine selling ideas. Be a little imaginative and make new rules for these old games. Try to include negotiating, bargaining, trading or any other selling tool. Make sure sales game designed is fair and ethical. Once the game is completed; map out things that have worked well and discard the common mistakes and methods that did not work.

“Let the sales games begin!”

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