Rushing the sale on big deals – Let your leaders help

Rushing the sale on big deals

You need patience and urgency when working a big deal. A big deal can be by dollar size or a large multi-location opportunity. With larger deals, there are usually more people involved, particularly high-level people. The average response is usually a little longer than deals of smaller sizes. If the large deal involves a large mulit-location deal, the urgency needs to be in plotting out the locations and creating an organization. The same way big deals involve more people with the prospective client, you need to involve your sales leaders for strategies and involvement.

Baseball Players Celebrating a Win

I believe that time kills deals but time is relative to the size of the deal. We had a sales Superstar that was working a very large deal and we had a lot of resources on this deal but or Focus was always to have a calendared appointment where everyone was involved to keep the steps moving forward. The average sale cycle at that time was 90 days to 6 months. By being patient, and knowing all the people involved and the company’s buying process was vital. Regardless of the speed of this opportunity we made sure we always had a calendared appointment we the right people on the call, meaning the sales leaders and sometimes the CEO.

The sales process took over a year but he closed a million dollar deal. A company record for a one time sales for the company. Very important why I stated he, because the sale belonged to him and towards his target.

Sales leaders should and only care about closing big deals for their sales peopleand the company regardless of who gets the credit for the deal.


Action items:

  1. Know the deal size threshold where you need to involve your sales leaders, which should be brought to their attention or during your weekly pipeline meeting.
  2. Keep the sale moving forward, by have the next activity, whether it is just for status or for the next meeting with more influencers
  3. Be patient when you email or leave a message. The bigger the deal the higher the level of people you are dealing with and they are busy as well.

Humble yourself by not worrying that asking for help is a sign of weakness in your abilities. Remember the objective is closing the sale for you, your sales leader and the company.

Let your leaders help and even close the deal.


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