Peak Performing Sales Professionals use Self-Motivational E-Books with audio, Music, Videos, and more

Peak Performing Sales Professionals use techniques to keep their drives intact, their energy level up, emotions consistent and under control, their mind active and alert.

Why do they need these techniques?

Because it’s work to keep their drives intact, energy up, emotions consistent and mind alert.

Studies conducted by sports psychologists have determined that music has a great impact on an athlete’s performance level.

In fact, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist at Brunel University, found that synchronous music elevates a person’s performance by 20 percent, whereas asynchronous music calms the nerves of people by as much as 10 percent.  Sales Skills

Pump Up the Volume: Create the Soundtrack for Your Sales Success.

If the right kind of music can help improve athletic performance, which also requires a lot of mental stamina, it can certainly help improve sales performance as well.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals know that they require discipline and technique to keep from falling into the rut of complacency, mediocrity and non-movement.

Very important for Owners, CEO’s and Sales Management, because this is what happens to “A” player salespeople.

“A” player salespeople have a life expectancy of 28 months to 36 months. Why?

  • They need more challenge.
  • They do not want to keep doing the same thing repeatedly.
  • They look for the next challenge. Also, salespeople are the ultimate networkers and companies are always looking for good sales people.

Here is an interesting statistic from Objective Management Group, the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening.

Only 26% of the people in sales outside of retail are good and of the 26%, only 4% to 6% are great.

That means 74% of people in the field of sales “SUCK”.                                           

Let’s talk about motivation.

The Next Level (Motivational Speech)

Peak Performance Sales Professionals envision positive pictures of themselves and the world around them.

They read positive affirmations, and they don’t allow themselves to think negatively. Our mind is a weapon, and we must keep it loaded with positivity.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals meditate 5 minutes twice per day or read a spiritual verse. This doesn’t mean that they don’t face problems.

Most assuredly, they face problems head on, recognize them for what they are, come up with solutions, and act decisively.

But, they simply do not dwell on things they cannot control. They can only control their actions and activities.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals use such techniques such as; self-reward and looking for things to enjoy in life as ways to keep themselves motivated.

From their waking moments when they walk fifteen feet across the room to turn off the alarm clock to make sure their body is up and out of bed, to the end of the day when they read their affirmations before going to sleep.

They practice self-motivational psychology and techniques and exercise regularly to keep their minds strong. Keep your mind well-fed and well-rounded so you can always be on top of your game.

I will leave you with a quick story, using baseball as the analogy so that you can relate to your professional environment.

If you have a career batting average in baseball of 300% you make it to the Hall of Fame.

Peak Performance Sales Professionals know they will be rejected 70% to 80% of the time, but they will win larger deals 20% to 30% of the time which means you can make it to the hall of fame.


Action Items:

1.Create a playlist for all aspects of the sales cycle

2.Keep your spirits high and read something motivational and inspirational

3. Listen to podcasts and you-tube videos

4 .Listen to an audio book and never stop learning


Greatness is being World-Class
Sell to Greatness.

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