It’s All About Processes to Scale Sales Teams

Do you want to scale your sales team quick?

Then don’t settle by thinking everything is fine, we’re successful so don’t mess with something that is not broken. If this were true then how would make advancements and breakthroughs happen.

Below are the 4 tactics stated in a Harvard Business Review article used by Mark Roberge the chief revenue officer of HubSpot.

  1. Hire the same successful sales person every time.
  2. Train new hires in a consistent, measurable way.
  3. Provide our sales people with the same quality and quantity of leads each month.
  4. Work those leads with the same process every time.

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Great read, but I would like to add my thoughts and how our clients use processes to scale sales teams with some similarities.

  1. Use a sales specific pre-employment assessment.
  2. Have a 90 day ramp up plan and collaborate with all team members in each department for feed back, input and for them to execute their part.
  3. Dynamic Training, Bi-Weekly or Monthly to develop their own leads include what is given. Free Sales Training Videos.
  4. Included in the Dynamic Training,  to develop processes that need to excuted the sames way every time. Whether it is lead follow up, your sales process, networking, proposals and so on.


Article continued…

After 12 months, 500 interviews, and 20 hires  I hired a graduate student from MIT to run a regression analysis, correlating the interview scores to success in our sales funnel. This was the foundation of our own personalized predictive index. By repeating this analysis every 6 to 12 months, we continually fine-tuned the index to our business. Today, as we hire 5 to 10 sales reps per month, I sleep better knowing this process is established.

The key takeaway here is the process

A modern process like this requires an unprecedented level of sales and marketing alignment. We try to align every possible aspect of these two teams, so that our goals, pains, and processes are as similar as possible.

Mark goes on to state:

We’ve worked hard at HubSpot to create a culture of rigorous self-analysis and review. It can be too easy, even when a company is successful, to assume that whatever you’re doing is working, and it’s best not to meddle with it. We meddle constantly. We are forever poking at the numbers, prodding the data to tell us more: What’s working, why it’s working, and how we can do better to build a better company.

The Science of Building a Scalable Sales Team


Mark Roberge is the chief revenue officer of HubSpot. He has background as an MIT-trained engineer


If you notice his background is in engineering, Yet He is the CRO. This demonstartes his desire to learn sales while utiolizing his engineering mind.

Now this is only my asssumption on the high degree of my research. The odds Mark did not receive any sales curriculum while getting his degree in Engineering.  I am a true believr evry discplinein college should mandate atleast 2 courses in sale.

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“I may be number 1, but look at all my assists!”

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