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Explosive Sales Growth Expert

Creator of the Camelot Sales Culture Process

When Victor Arocho presents his Camelot Sales Culture Process to an audience he captures their attention and their imagination with his clear message which helps companies of all sizes to understand how to grow their sales explosively and exponentially.

Highlights of what Victor has accomplished

  • In only 24 months took a publicly traded insurance company from 32 Million in sales to 110 Million and their stock from 20 Cents to $2.40 a mind-bending 1,200% growth!
  • From Zero to 40 Million in 48 months that is what Victor did for a start up after he raised 14 million in start up capital.

What Victor’s audiences will walk away with:

1. Discover who really makes up your true sales department and be shocked by it!.

2. Understand how to develop the behaviors that creates the Camelot Sales Culture; A culture that exponentially grows Sales, Revenue AND Profits!

3. Learn why your hiring and training process is prohibiting you from building an explosive sales culture.