I am Committed to These Morning Sales Motivation Rituals


Sales is a tough profession for those who are growing their business (Entrepreneurs) and Sales professionals who want to keep raising their sales  income levels.

Sales can be very easy for the complacent, people content at their income level or just do not want to commit to the work that it takes to raise the bar.

Just like all businesses and salespeople we have bad quarters. Well we had a poor 2nd quarter. Then received an email as a subscriber to HubSpot’s Blog, Title and Link below:

11 Easy Morning Motivation Rituals to Kickstart Your Day

I had already committed to exceeding 3rd quarter targets. Once I read this article in motivating me to change my ritual.

Now most of suggestions I already know, the article suggests, but I have not been executing on most these activities.

I was not eating breakfast sometimes lunch.

I was not working out.

I did not make getting up early or at the same time a routine. Click link on what time some of the most successful people rise in the morning

The worst of them outside of getting in shape was not making time for me and making me happy.

I truly believe if you find time for yourself that makes you happy, will help you be more successful in sales and/or sales management. I need to keep working on this.

This great reminder gave me clarity and purpose.

I Began Saturday and it has been fantastic. I went as far as purchasing Productivity Challenge Timer for my android phone.

Here are a few from the article that I did not think of:

  1. Optimize your alarm
  2. Remind yourself of your wins
  3. Do something that makes you happy
  4. Make your bed


Enjoy the read. Click below

11 Easy Morning Motivation Rituals to Kickstart Your Day

Work love yor thoughts and Comments

Enjoy the read.

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