Hiring Top Sales People

A high performing sales team is critical to the success of any organization. This is accomplished by ensuring that targets are met, and sales are boosted. Thus, hiring top salespeople who will add value to your business becomes mandatory to increase revenue figures. Hiring managers have to be really cautious while hiring top salespeople. They should not compromise on the set of qualities and skill sets they look for in any candidate.

While hiring top salespeople, the following qualities should be considered:

  • An understanding of the customer needs is vital for any salesperson. Their needs should be considered top priority, as they are an important part in generating business. Good salespeople understand the importance of genuinely listening to their customers’ requirements. It is only after this step is met, that they respond to them with targeted and valuable suggestions. Display of humility and compassion is also important along with passion and determination.
  • While hiring top salespeople, look for the candidate’s ability to originate and maintain strong relationships with his connections. This is a cardinal trait that any salesperson should possess. As a sales employer, you will definitely see some proof of exceptional relationship management.
  • The top salespeople have the quality of handling objections positively. While hiring top salespeople, look for candidates who can tackle unwanted situations and obstacles convincingly. Above this, they should have the quality of bouncing back with optimism and energy instead of crying over spilled milk.
  • During your sales recruitment process, you will have to identify individuals who carry a flexible approach and are always ready to adapt to the changes and transform according to the new sales routes. While hiring top salespeople, look for candidates who are not scared of facing any failure and rejections and are able to try something different all the time.
  • Top salespeople will be goal driven and realistic. They will be able to forecast any targets and work hard to achieve desired results. Hiring salespeople working to achieve specified targets is of major significance.

Therefore, experience is always required when recruiting top salespeople, but the right skill sets are more crucial than any other factor. The primary concern of any sales management team is the way candidates carry themselves. There has to be a certain level of confidence, hard work quotient and other set of vital characteristics that are the key to hiring top salespeople.

Some smart companies use express screens to filter their candidates. Some companies outsource their recruiting process. Companies that practice continuous hiring of salespeople do things differently. These companies start by developing a plan that helps them manage the process.

The interview is undoubtedly the most critical step. Advise the sales candidate that this is an audition. The best interviewer will set the stage for candidates by role playing and putting them through some tough selling situations. They will then see how well the candidates handle themselves in said situations.

Quick Sales Hiring Tips We Use:

1. Identify what you believe a salesperson must do in your business to be successful. Don’t indicate how it is today; identify how you would like it to be under ideal circumstances.

2. Effective ads describe the candidate. Choose the components of an ad that describes your ideal candidate.

3. Sourcing improves the pool of quality candidates that respond to your various advertisements and internet postings.

4. Identify other products or services that are sold to the same decision makers that your salespeople call on and identify companies and salespeople that are responsible for making those sales.

  • Products or Services Our Customers Buy
  • Salespeople that Provide it
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