Thursdays are great day for prospecting calls

I hate Prospecting. So does everybody else. Professional athletes sometimes don’t like all the workouts and the eating habits they have to maintain.

If you want to be great truly great as a sales professional and possibly becoming an entrepreneur, you have to bring in revenue.

Plan time daily for prospecting but remember

Be Relentless

Thursday’s are the best days to prospect. So when Thursday comes around be excited, prepared, listen to your prospecting music and great things will happen.

Create the Soundtrack of Your Sales Career

I just ended my day of prospecting with a cold call that turned into a 22-hour call with us moving forward with multiple opportunities. The prospective CEO told me I normally don’t talk to people that I don’t know that was within the 1st 5 minutes of the conversation.

Don’t try to sell, try to understand if there’s a fit, listen, ask great questions and prospects will do the rest.

So we’re clear this was my 25th call of the day.

Peak Performing Sales Professionals use techniques to keep their drives intact, their energy level up, emotions are consistent and under control, their mind active and alert.

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