Fanatical Prospecting

Book Review Fanatical Prospecting Author Jeb Blount


Chapter 1

The Case for Prospecting:

“Superstars out earn other salespeople— taking home almost all of the available commissions and bonuses. They win the trips, prizes, spiffs, and the recognition that the also-rans so badly crave.” Fanatical Prospecting” Jeb Blount.

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The Peak Performers leave no dollars on the table. They play the game of sales to win and do to activities, like consistent prospecting to fill the pipeline. Prospecting is a sales activity that nobody likes, but the elite does today what others are not willing to do So they can have what they want in the future that others won’t have and enjoy.

According to Forbes, over 70 billion dollars are spent by businesses on recruiting products and services without the ability to identify imposters and ghosts. Imposters are salespeople who dress well, speak well, look the part to being a successful salesperson in your company, for you to find out later that they can’t sell an ice cream cone to a 5-year-old. A  ghost is a salesperson you either hired and is no longer with your company or someone who is not producing sales and soon will be a ghost.

The book states that peak performers

Are good at selling

Have the skills

They’re competitive and have drive

Work the sales process

Ask great questions

Great presentation Skills

A winning mindset.


I agree with the above, except if a salesperson does not have a growth mindset and self awareness this will prevent them for prospecting, asking great tough questions, etc…

Sales Training without a Growth Mindset

The book provides great insights to why prospecting is not dead.

80% of success is mindset in all professions.

More to come on this chapter.


Greatness is being World-Class
Sell to Greatness.

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