Don’t Regret These Lessons You Should Have Learned

How do you grow your sales if you have no time for learning & development?

I cannot count the number of times when I ask a group of salespeople “What book are you reading now?” the majority of times they are not reading a book.

Imagine, no time to learn and develop your sales mind and skillets in a profession where your earning potential is unlimited. In the process, providing businesses with solutions to their challenges in which they are not skilled at and is costing them money if not fixed.

Would you hire a Doctor or an Attorney who stopped learning? I have a scar from surgery on my right knee from playing basketball at 14. It’s about 8 inches long. 12 years later I had surgery on my left knee and the scar is the size of a dime.  Was this advancement because doctors stop learning?

We all talk about accountability but is it being applied? Are you being held accountable? Are you holding yourself accountable for learning, executing, and for activities that lead to most importantly, exceeding your sales financial goals?

Key take away items from the article:

1. If Leadership were about being liked then it wouldn’t be called leadership, it’d be called friendship

This is what we call in sales “Need for Approval”

2. It takes courage to talk about uncomfortable topics.

Great salespeople know they have to ask tough questions to prospective clients or clients to get to the root of their challenges and to best provide a solution that delivers a return on investment (R.O.I.)

2. Learning is a competitive advantage, and most effective leaders make time to learn.


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