Are you being sold on the latest fad to grow sales?

End of Chapter 1 Review “Fanatical Prospecting” Jeb Blount.

I see all the time how Entrepreneurs, CEOs’ and Intrapreneurs are constantly looking for sales stability. Stability does not mean leveling off.  For a Sales Professionals it means consistent measurable growth. The only way this happens is having a full pipeline and to have a full pipeline you have to prospect.

Jeb mentions in his book, “this is simple, but it sure is not easy.”

One of the biggest problems I see with this group is that they do not know what they do not know.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs’ and Intrapreneurs never seem to know their numbers or ratios.


  • How many prospecting activities does my company need to have a 1st meeting with a potential client.
  • How many 1st meetings do we need to close a sale?
  • A real unified sales process will have 5 to 7 steps, but it starts with that 1st meeting which comes from prospecting.


Not to say that we do not want inbound leads, but consistent prospecting produces consistent pipeline generation. Inbound leads have less pipeline predictability.

He states that the sales pros outperform all other sales people because they are relentless prospectors.

Yet you will find that even the best will state they hate prospecting, but recognize that prospecting provides more at bats to reach 1st base. Once on base we have a chance to score.

Do what you fear most 1st thing in the morning. Make no excuses. Just do it and the rest will take care of itself.

Great excerpts from “Fanatical Prospecting”

They prospect when times are good because they know that a rainy day is right around the corner.”

“They prospect when times are bad because they know that fanatical prospecting is the key to survival.”

“They prospect even when they don’t feel like prospecting because they are driven to keep their pipeline full.”

But, you may ask , if the elite hate prospecting, how can I get myself to prospect? I hear you.

Here are a few tips:


  • PageLines Performance1070380.jpgKnow your numbers.
  • Create an accountability group.
  • In my earlier days we had a workout routine of I do 1 bicep curl you do 1, then I do 2 you do 2 and we would keep going until one of us had to stop.
  • Hold your sales manager accountable or allow your sales manager to hold you accountable for your prospecting daily numbers.  “Most poor performing salespeople hate the word accountable.” You want a leader who provides tough love to help you reach all and any goals you desire.
  • The buck stops with you. Hold yourself accountable daily to fill pipeline by prospecting. Your only competition is the man in the mirror.
  • When I played football, the defensive backs and receivers had a routine where if a ball thrown our way touches our hands and we do not make the catch, drop and do 10 pushups.  So anyone watching practice would know if someone is doing pushups they must have missed a catch. A little boasting I had 20 interceptions in college



Now where I have a difference of opinion is from these excerpts.

“A deficit of talent”

If you do not have talent you do not have talent change professions. Also talent with desire and commitment is worthless

“A poor territory or inferior product.”

A territory should be identified by the market share you can take from the competition in that territory. You or your leaders should know this.

“An inferior product.”

If you believe this, then you will believe your product can not solve problems for clients.

Then leave the company!  Why sell a product you do not believe in?

“A deficit in skills, or training.”

Great leaders and self starters know to seek out great training to sharpen their skills. If you are not growing you are dying.

“Not a failure to ask for the business and close.”  

This happens way more than you think and again training and coaching can reduce this fear.

“Not terrible sales managers.”

Not true. No “A” Player Sales Professional will stay long working for a “B” Sales Manager

To conclude with my review of this chapter, it is true Sales Superstars that know the value of prospecting, but our jobs as sales leaders is to transform salespeople to reach their greatest potential. It all starts with a growth mindset which we will discuss in Chapter 2.


Greatness is being World-Class
Sell to Greatness.

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